It’s here!

Auga Lustral EP by Andrae Durden available on Bandcamp!

95 Open Tabs first release is here! Humbling to have Auga Lustral by Andrae Durden for the first reference.

Andrea is a producer, a singer, a DJ, and a sound teacher, so her commitment to music is defi something you can tell. She's been working on all kinds of UK sounds for a while now and her maestry with sound design, basslines and breaks is perfectly reflected in this EP.

🌀Auga Lustral was the pagan name for the water used to extinguish the blight that came out burning from the bonfire after a sacrifice. They attributed great virtues to this water and used it very often in their ceremonies, as Christians would do with holy water🌀

Auga Lustral consists of two tracks: Batea and Branquia.

Batea is a ceremonious 140 that is a trip in itself. A hot steppa in which Andrae shows her mastery with basslines and percussions (yes, once again) to make a plot twist at the end with some luminous vocals that resemble a rebirth.

Branquia is a dark and ritualistic halftime, full of complex breaks and dreamlike atmospheres that Andrae manages to turn suddenly somehow(yeah, gurl is a genius) into a sort of sexy and mysterious Black Lodge.

W&P: Andrae Durden
Master: Pobla Studio
Faccu xyz